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is an international peer-reviewed journal covering the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide

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Tobacco Control is a Plan S compliant Transformative Journal.

Tobacco Control is an international peer-reviewed journal covering the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide; tobacco's effects on population health, the economy, the environment, and society; efforts to prevent and control the global tobacco epidemic through population-level education and policy changes; the ethical dimensions of tobacco control policies; and the activities of the tobacco industry and its allies.

The journal is essential reading for everyone with an interest in tobacco control, including public health professionals, researchers, policy makers and educators.

Professor Ruth Malone
University of California San Francisco
Editorial board

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COVID-19 and smoking: resources, research and news: To provide information to health professionals and the general public, this page provides resources, research and news reports about COVID-19 and smoking, vaping and other tobacco products. This page will be updated regularly as additional resources are published.


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Tobacco Control 30th Anniversary


In 2022, Tobacco Control celebrates its 10PCS Stainless Steel Aquarium Oxygen Pump Air Volume Flow Adjus! This occasion is being marked with a special Anniversary Issue, an infographic, and an interview with Editor-in-Chief Professor Ruth Malone.


All content in the Anniversary issue is free to read and brings together leading thinkers in the field to review and to reflect on 30 years of progress and consider current and future challenges. We are also taking the opportunity to look back at the milestone achievements and highlights that have maintained Tobacco Control as the leading journal in the field.


Visit the Tobacco Control Anniversary Page to discover more about the last thirty years in tobacco control, and join the discussion on Twitter using #TobaccoControl30Years




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Evaluating tobacco industry ‘transformation’

To cite: Edwards R, Hoek J, Karreman N, et al. Tob Control. 2022;31:313–321.

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Some tobacco companies claim they are ’transforming’ by adopting harm reduction goals or even seeking to achieve a ’smokefree’ world. What characterises transformation and whether companies can or are transforming is unclear. Nevertheless, such claims are gaining traction. We critically investigated tobacco industry transformation by exploring the definition and criteria for evaluating transformation, and assessed whether transformation is occurring and feasible. Companies’ transformation claims centre on increasing sales of new tobacco and nicotine products like e-cigarettes (’new products’) with little attention to reducing sales of more hazardous smoked and oral products (’conventional products’).